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The evening routine of a bath followed by a simple massage offers us a place to pause and connect with our children before bedtime. In her book Early Riser Companion Elizabeth Antonia describes putting our children in water at the end of the day as powerful way to guide the transition from play towards rest and loving touch as a potent nutrient.  A simple massage with a beautiful smelling natural cream or oil after bath has been my favourite ritual of parenthood. At the moment my toddler is usually busy jumping on his bed or building a pillow fort after the bath but from time to time he lets me massage a little baby cream into his skin before we get PJs on.  When I heard about BEETL I was intrigued and reached out to the founder Kirsty. The first time I tried BEETL’s Baby Cream I ended up putting it all over my own skin it felt and smelt so good. Now BEETL's Baby Cream is a firm favourite in our household.

After experiencing sensitive skin at a young age, and finding her daughter experiencing the same, BEETL’s founder Kirsty decided to formulate products that she could trust were green and effective. She worked with her mother (a herbalist and doctor) to create her skincare range using the best quality natural ingredients.  BEETL recently released the first product in their range, Baby Cream, that feels like a Big Gulp for your skin and smells like ambrosia. As another example of a Mother and Daughter collaborating we love BEETL’s story almost as much as their cream.

Test, and if you wish to, purchase the Baby Cream by BEETL next time you visit our Ponsonby Central Boutique.

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